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IOT Solutions

Internet of things (IoT) is no ordinary now. It has become a major force in the digital space capable enough to connect devices that can be controlled from anywhere. Be it automobiles, be it homes, and be it smart devices. The connectivity enables to collect more data from more places, ensuring the ways for enhancing operational efficiency and change business models.

Being a leading IoT solution provider in UAE, OneZero Infinite Technologies empower our clients to build and deploy smart IoT solutions. We help them to build an IoT ecosystem where the physical systems are connected to boost business efficiency and to achieve desired results.

You can transform the way business functions and can explore new opportunities by building custom IoT solutions with OneZero Infinite Technologies. We ensure that our solutions are conformed to the requirements stated within the client specifications. Our clients have seen noteworthy improvements in efficiency and value and have seen a fall in the operational and maintenance costs by partnering with us.

We offer a wide range of IoT services to our clients that empower them to

•  Connect and collect more data                                                                         

•  Analyze and perform on new data 

•  Boost operational efficiency 

•  Transform business model 

•  Enhance decision making 

•  Reduce maintenance and operation costs 

•  Design and implement end to end IoT processes   

Our solutions empower industries across various domains to deliver improved experiences by connecting assets, operations and processes. We have deployed custom IoT solutions to industries such as automobiles, manufacturing, consumer electronics and more.

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"OneZero has provided us Guest WiFi solution for visitors, it was a professional setup, password printing at reception and it has high speed internet. Appreciate their support and recommend to customers"



Operation Supervisor, Oman Transport Establishment

“OneZero has Certified IT Professionals, they provide all kind of IT Solutions and Services”


Ajay Raj

IT Support Specialist, RAK Bank

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Anoop P Damodaran

Managing Director, Classic Educational Supplies

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Raji Pramod

HR, TransTech

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Nirmal V

CEO, TransTech